If photography is Rankin’s first love, then film is the lifelong relationship that he has developed and nurtured. This deep-rooted passion has led him to direct a feature film, tons of commercials, music videos, fashion films for some of the world’s biggest names, and even to step out from behind the camera to present several BBC documentaries.

Between 2002 and 2009, Rankin co-directed commercials, music videos and short films with Chris Cottam, including their debut feature film, The Lives of Saints. Written by Tony Grisoni (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), it won the Grand Jury prize at the Salento International Film Festival.

In 2011 Rankin founded RANKIN FILM as a production company to represent him as a solo director of bespoke content for a multitude of platforms. Through RANKIN FILM, Rankin has directed dynamic and contemporary film projects for brands such as Nike, Neutrogena, L’Oreal, The British Fashion Council, Coco de Mer, and music videos for stars like Tinie Tempah, Rita Ora, and Kelis.

In recent years, Rankin has developed a strong sensorial style that has led him to move beyond fashion and beauty and into the genres of automotive, dance, and even confectionary content. This includes high profile brands such as Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Godiva.

The last year has seen him work on three short form comedies, in which he made a caricature of himself in La Chaise Ironique and *drum roll please* directed a film with the-one-and-only Miss Piggy in a Muppets special for Love Magazine!

People have told Rankin that ‘a jack of all trades is a master of none’ and ‘not to bite of more than he can chew’.

His reply was:

“Let me meet Jack and I’ll bite his bollocks off”.

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